By providing objective advice, we help our clients improve visibility, quality, cost and risk within their total workforce. We do so by creating efficiencies that lead to greater productivity as well as to direct & indirect cost savings. Whether it relates to permanent employees or flexible labor, to T&M (Time and Material) or Fixed Price projects (Statements of Work).

ProBuy Expertise is specialized in optimal workforce design and helps organizations to identify main challenges and improvement areas as well as talent acquisition and workforce management programs and systems available in the continental European market.

We focus on guiding companies that look for innovation and are looking to differentiate themselves from their competitors by getting access to the best talent available in the market place.

Who we work for

ProBuy Expertise offers a tailor made service that can be utilized at any stage of maturity.

Working on a daily or project basis, we help companies that

  • don’t have a solution in place (yet)
  • are thinking about putting a workforce management program in place (whether it is a selfmanaged or an outsourced MSP*, RPO* or SOW* program)
  • need help redesigning their hiring business process
  • are not entirely satisfied with the solution they have implemented and look for a partner to make an optimization proposal of their existing MSP solution (audit of existing program)
  • require support at selecting a technology
  • look for a system or solution to manage the process of sourcing and managing their freelance workers


MSP*: Managed Services Provider
RPO*: Recruitment Process Outsourcing
SOW*: Statement Of Work

What we do

We offer 3 different optimal workforce design models depending on the size of your organization, your stage of maturity and needs & challenges

  • Custom-built Optimal Workforce Design model
    • for large (multi)national companies
    • includes detailed feasibility study
    • from in-depth analysis of existing hiring processes to full tender support and follow up guidance
    • fully customized project that fits your organization’s needs & challenges
  • “Plug & Play” model
    • for SME / mid-market companies
    • choose for the module(s) that correspond best to your requirements
    • light model with simplified track
    • quick turnaround time
  • Optimization model
    • for companies that have an existing MSP solution in place
    • current program does not correspond to your expectations
    • performance is not in line with contractual agreement and/or commitments made
    • includes audit of incumbent partner and improvement proposals
    • duration of project depends on complexity of actual solution


Besides designing the models here above, we offer support at

  • Round table sessions & Panel discussions
    • combine role of guest speaker & moderator
    • share best pratices and knowledge
    • present content on workforce management related topics and industry trends
    • encourage participants to share know-how and experiences
    • guide the conversation and answer questions
  • Networking events
    • MC / emcee events, welcome attendees, introduce speakers, present awards (if applicable), closing & wrap up
    • Host networking events including support provision pre & post event
  • Speaking sessions
    • act as presenter
    • share content around the contingent workforce market, landscape and flexible labour related topics (BE and/or EMEA linked)
    • Interactive Q&A