Quality is Key

Your workforce is larger than you think. Your non-permanent workforce is very diverse, and can consist of temps, contractors, consultants, freelance workers, interim managers & executives, trainees, student workers, co-workers or workers that are co-employed from or by other companies, T&M (Time and Means / Material) projects, Fixed Price projects (Statements of Work), outsourced spend, …

Traditionally, high spend procurement categories are strategic to an organization and consequently have an important impact on your business outcomes.

The quality of your workforce needs to allow you to meet your business objectives and to outperform your competitors. Therefore, the quality of the people running your business makes the difference.

What to expect

The optimal workforce design proposal ProBuy Expertise creates for your organization has an impact on:

  • Visibility  > create transparency
  • Process efficiency > streamline processes and increase level of automation
  • Quality > attract high quality talent, knowledge retention
  • Cost savings > reduce cost (direct & indirect cost savings)
  • Risk > decrease risk & increase compliancy

The reengineered process proposal will be built around driving quality and making the contingent workforce acquisition a consistent and quicker process. All steps as from identification of needs until onboarding of workers and performance evaluation will be included.

Results Delivered

With our extensive industry knowledge we provide expertise in various domains to your organization:

  • Identify main challenges linked to your contingent workforce and the impact these have on your organization
  • A better understanding of your current hiring processes
  • Spot areas for efficiency & optimization
  • Potential saving opportunities
  • Improvement recommendations focusing on risk reduction, process & cost optimization while putting quality first
  • Guidance on implementation, transition & change management
  • Insight in the broad range of Contingent Workforce Management models, technology systems & service offering partners available
  • Continuous improvement advice
  • Direction on possible scope expansion, additional models and future options